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Update on Tauscher's New Contract, Havner's Arrest

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According to the Press-Gazette, RT Mark Tauscher's new contract is for a maximum of 2 years, $8.7 million. Baring a complete collapse in training camp, which is highly unlikely, in 2010 he'll cost around $3.9 million as the starter. And if he loses his starting job, he'll be paid just over $3 million in 2010 with no future dead money when the salary cap returns. Overall a good, low cost move for a potentially valuable starter.

On Monday night, it wasn't clear whether TE Spencer Havner was arrested for an alleged DUI, but now it's known he was arrested and charges may be filed. LB Nick Barnett sent a "get well" tweet.

As far as Twitter goes: CB Will Blackmon and LB Clay Matthews both sent tweets (here and here) from LB Aaron Kampman's farewell party. On an unrelated contract note, it would appear that Blackmon is in Green Bay for the start of the offseason weight lifting and conditioning program although restricted free agents usually don't attend in case of injury.