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Will Blackmon Signs One-Year Qualifying Offer

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I noticed yesterday that CB Will Blackmon appeared to be in Green Bay though it wasn't expected that any of the unsigned Packer restricted free agents would attend the weight training and conditioning that began this week. 

Well he must have known he was going to sign, and sure enough it was announced the next day. I'm still not sure he's a good CB, he so rarely plays on defense it's hard to form an opinion, but he is the best kick and punt returner on the roster. For a special teams unit that desperately needs a jump start, Blackmon is a welcome return. And it's not surprising he signed the qualifying offer. With all the injuries he's sustained, he missed the final 13 games last season, it wasn't likely that he'd attract a lot of attention as a free agent.

He celebrated the big news with a BBQ at his place