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Reviewing The Recent Mock Drafts For The Packers

It seems like every mock draft I've come across lately (NFL Draft ScoutNFL.comShutdown Corner) has moved QB Sam Bradford up to No. 1. I'm not a believer, but it's the Rams franchise and they can do whatever they want. Incredibly it means DT Ndamukong Suh is moving down to No. 2, or even No. 3, or even No. 8. He's the best player in the draft, so that just seems crazy.

Unfortunately most of these mock drafts still have the Packers selecting an offensive lineman. As much as that's a long-term need, since LT Chad Clifton and RT Mark Tauscher can't play forever, the need for a pass rusher to replace LB Aaron Kampman is too obvious to overlook. Maybe the value for a pass rusher/OLB type isn't there at the end of the 1st round and they're a candidate to trade down.

Shutdown Corner threw a curveball and suggested the Packers might draft Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews:

Ryan Grant was the second-most efficient back in 2009, according to Football Outsiders’ statistics, but those numbers don’t factor in blocking. To put it bluntly, Grant is a terrible pass-blocker.

I've never watched a Packer game and criticized Grant for his pass-blocking. I'm sure he's not the best blocking back on the roster, RB Brandon Jackson usually came in on passing downs and made some great plays as QB Aaron Rodgers's protector, but finding a back who's a better blocker wasn't a need I had even considered.

No disrespect to Mathews. At 6'0", 218 lbs., and a 4.45 40-yard dash, I calculated his speed score at 111, which is about as good as Grant. I can understand why he's moving up draft boards.