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Distracted By Hoops and Hockey

I've been distracted away from the Green Bay Packers by the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team in the WCHA Final Five, and the basketball team in the NCAA tournament. 

The hockey team got shut out by St. Cloud, 2 to nothing. They couldn't solve freshman goalie Mike Lee. From Chris Dilks:

Equally frustrated was Wisconsin defenseman and Hobey Baker finalist Brendan Smith, who fired a team-high seven shots on Lee, and had a game-tying blast go off the post with a little over a minute left in the game.

The basketball team sweated it out, but got the win. The Badgers have been struggling because Jason Bohannon is struggling. From Bucky's 5th Quarter:

If Wisconsin is going to beat a great-shooting Cornell team Sunday -- let alone Kentucky in the Sweet 16 -- it's going to need its best shooter to start scoring points.

By the way, the CBS sports widget over at SB Nation is awesome. I got to watch the game at my desk, so don't let my boss know. It also came equipped with a "Boss Button" to switch to a Dilbert inspired fake Power Point presentation. See it below.