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Slice of Cheese - 3/2

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Now that I'm back from Vancouver and the Olympics are over, I can focus on the Packers' off-season once again. Here are a few interesting links from the early part of the week.

Tebow in NFC North context
Kevin Seifert apparently thinks that there's a legitimate chance that Tim Tebow comes to Green Bay as a QB prospect. Hmm. What does the picture on the right here do for you?

Packers put Nebraska S Asante 'on the board'
Ted Thompson could be looking at Larry Asante somewhere between the 2nd and 4th rounds of the Draft.

Green Bay Packers see good showing from LT Jared Veldheer of Hillsdale College
A potential player to watch in the 2nd or 3rd rounds? He looks like he has good agility and explosiveness.

NFL: Quarterbacks don't excite at scouting combine
John Clayton was not excited. But I don't understand this comment about QB prospects: "Pike, Robinson, Snead and even Skinner throw fastballs. In fact, Skinner may throw a little too fast." If it means he's inaccurate on his hard throws, then it makes sense; on its own, I don't get it.

Pro Bowl again to be played before Super Bowl
This must be an effort to make me watch it again.

Packers maintain interest in Paulus
In the "out of left field" category, apparently the Packers are somewhat interested in Duke point guard Syracuse QB Greg Paulus.

And for your last link of the day:

Erin Andrews, Chad Ochocinco part of new 'Dancing With the Stars' cast
Every American adolescent male's favorite sideline reporter will be wearing skimpy outfits and likely dancing provocatively on ABC this year. I might tune in for a few episodes, but more because I'm curious to see how astronaut Buzz Aldrin performs than because of Andrews.

There. Now I can relax tonight, knowing that I have given you your news fix about people who have walked on the moon or had their naked pictures taken through a hotel room door peephole.