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Outside Linebacker - The Packers Miss Out On Joey Porter

After recently signing LT Chad Clifton and RT Mark Tauscher to multi-year deals, I've moved on from my preoccupation with the pass blocking, and instead focused on the need for another pass rusher.

Though LB Joey Porter seemed to fit the bill perfectly, an outside LB who's always played in the 3-4 defense and recorded 26.5 sacks over the past two seasons, he didn't seem to be a good match with the Packers because he left Miami on bad terms, and seemed almost certain to end up in Arizona anyway. After a brief detour to visit the Redskins, who have become the official destination for all veterans trying get more money from their preferred team, he's finally gotten the contract he wanted from the Cardinals. From Revenge of the Birds:

At 33-years old, Porter may still have enough gas in the tank to provide the Cardinals with that edge pass rusher that can still pressure opposing quarterbacks. He's seen four pro bowls and four all-pro selections, and has totaled 92 sacks for his career. The Cardinals didn't have many other options available through free agency, and head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been prone to allow rookies to develop on the bench their first season - therefore, drafting a starting at linebacker seemed out of the question. Now a rookie can develop under a seasoned veteran like Porter.

I'm glad Porter never got on the Packers radar, too much baggage and I'd prefer they look for someone in the draft, but he certainly could have filled a need. Hopefully the pass rush (or lack of one) is not a problem next season.