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Packers Awarded Pick Number 169

The NFL awarded 32 compensatory picks, and the Green Bay Packers were awarded the last pick in the 5th round, number 169 overall. From SB

Based on a complex (and unknown) formula involving money and playing time, the NFL awards extra draft picks to teams that lose free agents the previous year.

It's not bad a bad pick. It's the 10th highest pick awarded. According to the Press-Gazette, this is their prize for losing DT Colin Cole to the Seahawks and not keeping unrestricted free agent OL Duke Preston last season. Since I didn't see any value to either player, a 5th round pick is not a bad haul.

Unfortunately the 5th round has not been kind to GM Ted Thompson. Here's the list back to 1980 from Pro-Football Reference. He's managed to draft a starter in every round except the 5th round. Only two of his 5th round picks are still with the team. FB Quinn Johnson may be the fullback of the future, but he's only played in two games so far. OL Breno Giacomini didn't make it into a single game last season, and only once during his rookie season. WR David Clowney and OL Jamon Meredith have become useful players for other teams. The last good player the Packers drafted in the 5th round was LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, who's played in 100 games for the Bears but zero for the Packers. You have to go back to 2002 when Mike Sherman drafted DE Aaron Kampman in the 5th round to find a good one. Maybe we blew all our 5th round karma when we lucked into him.