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Playoff Overtime Rule Change Approved

As Clutch16 noted in a FanPost, the NFL owners passed the new overtime playoff rule this afternoon. Everybody has heard the  The vote was noticeably lopsided, with a final tally of 28-4. As notes, the four teams to vote against the rule were the Bengals, Bills, Ravens, and Vikings. Despite being on the wrong end of the situation this rule is designed to eliminate, Vikings' owner Zygi Wilf voted against the rule. I found his comments on the matter to be interesting.

"You need consistency of the regular season and the postseason," Wilf said.

While I like the rule change itself, I think he makes a good point. Regular season overtimes can determine playoff teams and their seeding or matchups. Why are we letting those results be subject to the problems that are plaguing the playoff games themselves? I understand putting this rule in on a trial basis, but shouldn't we be trying out new rules in the preseason rather than the postseason?

In any case, I like the rule. If I were an owner, I would have voted in support of it on the condition that its expansion to the regular season would be proposed next year. What are your thoughts?