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Scheduling The Packers Preseason

Arrowhead Pride pointed out that Chiefs coach Todd Haley was talking about playing the Green Bay Packers in the preseason finale. From the Press-Gazette:

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley said there has been talk with the Packers about meeting in the final preseason game. The game would be played at Arrowhead Stadium. Teams are allowed to schedule their own preseason finale, while the NFL does the rest of the schedule...

The Packers have closed every preseason since 2002 against the Titans. It has become a mismatched game because the teams approach it differently. Titans coach Jeff Fisher typically played his starters into the third quarter, while Packers coach Mike McCarthy played his starters for only a few snaps, if at all.

The final preseason game against the Titans has often been a downer, in large part because Jeff Fisher prefers to play his starters for much of the game and the 3rd string players are usually overmatched. I don't know if that has anything to do with the suggested change. Maybe the Packers just feel it's time for a change. 

Does it really matter who the Packers play in the preseason?