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It Just Won't End: Jolly's Legal Troubles and Tebow Talk

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DE Johnny Jolly of the Green Bay Packers was arrested in July 2008 for possession, and the trial has been delayed several times for various reasons. According to the Press-Gazette, it's been set for trial on May 21 in Texas. 


Please Mike McCarthy, stop talking about QB Tim Tebow. From JS

"I'd love the opportunity to develop him," McCarthy said Wednesday.

Again, I'm against any talk of him because they would have to use a high draft choice, NFL Draft Scout currently projects him as a 2nd round pick, for a 3rd string QB who'd be a major distraction for the coaches as they fix his throwing motion. 


The SB Nation writers mock draft rolls on. At No. 6 overall, Field Gulls went all in on the crazy Pete Carroll era by reaching long for USC S Taylor Mays.