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Prospect Watch: Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster

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Since there have been some fans here of Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster, I thought his improved pro day workout deserved a comment. From JS

Wanted to pass along that Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster, who I talked about at the Senior Bowl as being on the Packers' radar, improved greatly on his 40 times from the combine to his pro day (4.5s at combine, to low 4.4s at pro day).

I love the idea of the Green Bay Packers drafting a home run threat, but he's only 5'8" and 165 lbs. That's really small for the NFL. Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is the exception and not the rule. Obviously Jackson has proven that small guys can become stars, but I can't think of the last player the Packers drafted who was considered undersized. Maybe they feel it's time to change that philosophy for someone like McCluster.