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NFC North Trade and Free Agent Rumors: McNabb to Vikings; Pacman to Lions

While most of the rumors from the Eagles side and from the Raiders side have focused on a QB Donovan McNabb to the Raiders trade, one rumor is that he might go to the Vikings. Maybe those rumors are coming from McNabb himself since Minnesota appears to be his first choice. I can't imagine McNabb in 2010 outperforming QB Brett Favre in 2009, so McNabb is unlikely to make them any better next season. A trade might even prevent them from improving if the Eagles insist on nothing less than the Vikings's 1st round pick. If Favre isn't coming back, then the trade makes some sense for the Vikings, but I expect Favre will reappear on the eve of training camp once again.

I understand why the Raiders would want McNabb because their recent plans involve trading or signing any veteran player who becomes available. The Vikings won't make the trade because Favre will return (eventually). It seems to be more speculation then sourced, but the Bills would be a good spot for him. Despite only being ranked No. 16 overall by Football Outsiders last year, he'd be a huge upgrade over any of their current 2010 options. The Bills also have a couple good offensive players in WR Lee Evans and RB Fred Jackson to help immediately. Unfortunately they would have to use the rest of their draft to rebuild their offensive line, but Bills fans seem open to the idea if they could get some commitment beyond 2010. 


Meanwhile the Lions have signed CB Adam Jones, or maybe they haven't. They have such a massive need at cornerback that Pacman would help them in 2010, but he's not going to push them into the playoffs either. Maybe the Lions are looking long-term and not that interested in what Jones (and all his troubles) could do for them now. They seem to be a win-now mode, or otherwise they wouldn't have signed veterans like WR Nate Burleson and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, so maybe this is a signing that will happen soon.