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Packer News: All-Team Honors; New Draft Format

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Over at Pro Football Focus, they named RB Ryan Grant to the 2009 All-Improved Team. They also named seven Green Bay Packer defenders to the 2009 All-NFC North Team (the only defensive players selected were from either the Vikings or Packers) and inexplicably chose LG Daryn Colledge over LG Steve Hutchinson. I didn't watch Hutch that carefully last season, but I still can't agree with that one.

From JS I'm not trying to dump on Mike McCarthy, but I love that picture from the draft room with John Dorsey and Ted Thompson, ties off, glasses on, doing all the analysis while McCarthy is sitting with his tie on, looking up at the TV. McCarthy has a lot more days in the spotlight, but he takes a back seat to those two on draft day. Tom Silverstein got some great quotes from Thompson about the 1st round in Prime Time, and the 2nd round beginning on Day 2:

"It certainly changes your routine and I'm a person of routine," Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson said. "It's been changed a little bit the last couple of years, so we'll change with it and go about our business.

"The first pick in each of the days are always valuable a little bit more because after the dust rises, there's normally a player where you say, 'Why is he still up there?' It becomes something of value."

"I think there will be," he said of movement. "There will be more time. People will be more anxious, 'Oh my gosh,' as opposed to just getting through it."

While it doesn't necessarily mean anything for the Packers, since they are drafting closer to the end of the 2nd round, I could see an overreaching trade to move into the top of the 2nd round on Day 2. Some of the teams near the top of the 2nd round might do very well by moving down just a couple spots plus adding an extra pick in the 3rd or 4th round, depending on the situation.