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Tim Tebow And The Green Bay Packers

So Kevin Seifert starts the ball rolling with an article speculating about Florida QB Tim Tebow playing in the NFC North, and he found a bunch of flattering quotes from Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson:

McCarthy added: "I think the guy's a winner, just the way he plays the game. I know a lot's being said about his mechanics. Just the way he approaches the game of football, I think he'll do everything he needs to do to improve. But you look for football players. And his record in college, I think, speaks for itself. But I'd love the opportunity to work with a Tim Tebow."

"Based on his history," Thompson said, "I think that would be a little bit premature to start criticizing him and doubting his ability to play. He's been playing at a pretty high level for quite some time. Has to go down as one of the great college football players of all time, so let's don't sell him short just yet." 

Then ESPN photoshops Tebow into a Packers uniform, the image was even the ESPN banner on my mobile phone. Aaron Nagler and Gene Bosling both thought the idea could work.

For what it's worth, I hope Tebow doesn't come anywhere near the PackersHis throwing motion is in need of a major overhaul, and Mike McCarthy would certainly spend a lot of time working with him. The coaches are looking towards a return trip to the NFC Championship game (and beyond) and don't need to spend a lot of time with a player who is going to need a lot of time. He's a great athlete for sure, but QB is obviously not a need position. The coaches need to spend their time making the offense (especially the pass protection) better and don't need the distraction of a project.