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The NFL in 1940: Packers QB Cecil Isbell

Via Pro Football Talk is this article from Paul Lukas at He discusses the Green Bay Packers navy blue throwback uniforms they recently unveiled at Fan Fest. 

But he also points out a very high quality jpg of six NFL stars from 1940, including former Packer Cecil Isbell. I'm misleading a bit by calling him a QB because he had more rushing than passing attempts in his first two NFL seasons, and he led the league in 1938 with a 5.2 yards/carry average. It wasn't until 1941 and 1942 when he and WR Don Hutson became a lethal passing combo. From Pro Football Talk:

Of Cecil Isbell, we're told, "He does everything well, but his forward passing is something the fans rave about -- and so do his appreciative teammates on the champion Green Bay Packers."