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Packers Resign LT Chad Clifton

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When LT Chad Clifton was allowed to test the market as an unrestricted free agent, I assumed it was a sign the Packers considered him done due to his age and recent injuries. But apparently they did think he was worth keeping. From ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Packers re-signed OT Chad Clifton. 3 years, $20 million, 7.5 million guaranteed.

This was announced shortly after Clifton spent the day visiting the Redskins. That's certainly a fair deal. The $7.5 million guaranteed amount is less than the 2010 franchise tag of $10.731 million for an offensive lineman

Clifton can still play, but he's unlikely to ever start 16 games in a regular season again. That's OK so long as OL T.J. Lang is available for spot duty, or the Packers look for another young tackle in the draft. It's much better to have Clifton return than to watch a 2010 version of Allen Barbre (or potentially even Barbre himself) try and take over as the starting left tackle.

It's certainly a better move than taking that same $7 million in guaranteed money and giving it to RB Chester Taylor. Without a hint of irony, it's said that the Bears offense is now "very scary" after they "add a couple offensive lineman."