Could Alex Brown play OLB?

The Bears, in a move that has been met with a lot of criticism from their fans, have released Alex Brown after 127 games with the team that drafted him. The thinking for the Bears is that Peppers will take his place and one of two other (cheaper) guys will stack up on the other side.

Bear fans regard the 6'3" 260 lb player as a "complete player" who gave his all for the team...the question is, could he line up at OLB for the Packers? Sure it would be another Kampman like experience but maybe for the chance to take to stick it to the Angelo's twice a year we could get him for a bargain to fill that OLB spot with an experienced pro who knows how to get to the QB.

Here are his career stats (for 8 years):

  • 483 tackles (about 60/year)
  • 43½ sacks
  • 55 tackles for losses
  • five interceptions
  • 16 forced fumbles
  • 11 fumble recoveries
  • 3 blocked kicks during his eight-year career.

Just trying to think outside the box...its always nice to get someone from a competitor who might have some carnal knowledge he can give us to give us an advantage on the field...

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