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Santonio Holmes To The Jets

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Wow. WR Santonio Holmes is shipped off to the Jets for only a 5th round pick. Just looking at his performance on the field, the Steelers gave the Jets a gift. He was ranked as the 10th best receiver in 2009 by Football Outsiders, which is higher than either WR Donald Driver or WR Greg Jennings.

Of course, Holmes comes with a lot of baggage. He's had a history of violence, and that was before the alleged assault or the likely 4 game suspension for substance abuse he's had this offseason. It's interesting to watch two different philosophies in action. The Steelers will take anything to get him away from their team, and out of the locker room. Meanwhile the Jets are willing to take on the problems that comes with his talent. It would appear that most teams are like the Steelers, or else there's no way he'd be traded for as little as a 5th round pick.

From the comments at Behind The Steel Curtain:

I don’t think he’s the fall guy I think he’s an idiot and trading him was probably the right thing. I just don’t see why, unless they’re convinced he’s going to be facing an 8+ game suspension or worse, they would sell so low.

I mean a 5th rounder is virtually getting nothing for him. Couldn’t we have at least gotten a 5th rounder and some no name fullback like Cleveland?

And Gang Green Nation:

What Were The Steelers Thinking???

They couldve gotten more for Holmes. If the Jets dont go back to the AFC title game with this team, they arent ever winning another SB