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Mocking The Packers Draft - 2nd Round Edition

In the 2010 SB Nation NFL writers mock draft, I selected Oklahoma CB Dominique Franks. He's not a huge corner at 5'11" and 194 lbs., but he's a great athlete who excelled as a starter the last two seasons in a very strong passing conference. He's a pick for the future, but he could challenge for playing time in 2010, especially if CB Al Harris struggles with his rehab from major knee surgery. As much as I would have like to have found an offensive tackle for the future, the value wasn't there at the end of our mock draft. There was a mini-run on offensive lineman over the several picks prior to the Packers pick at No. 56 overall. It made me wonder if the Packers might not consider trading up a few spots in the 2nd round, if possible.

The fact I missed out on an offensive tackle made me reconsider passing on USC OT Charles Brown, especially after reading this love letter to Brown by Wes Bunting over at the National Football Post. Still the upside in my mock draft is that the Packers end up with a promising young cornerback and one of the best pass rushers in the draft.

Speaking of Charles Brown, Mocking Dan picked him for the Packers in his latest mock draft, though it's possible he might now not be available when the Packers draft.