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Brandon Marshall To The Dolphins

The trade of two 2nd round picks from the Dolphins to the Broncos in exchange for WR Brandon Marshall sure was a big move. On the other hand it's odd to see Marshall traded for such a high price while WR Santonio Holmes was just handed to the Jets. Marshall has had his fair share of problems too. I'm not sure it's a good move for either team, but it sure can be exciting:

First off, it's clear that this move has re-energized the Miami fan base. Every Dolphin fan I have spoken to today has been ecstatic about the move made by Bill Parcells and company.

I was going to leave it hanging with that quote, but my knock on Marshall is that he puts up big stats because they throw the him ball so much. His 11.1 yards/catch isn't that great. On the other hand, the Broncos didn't have a great 2009 draft so I'm not sure they'll use their two new 2nd round picks wisely either.