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Might The Packers Trade For A Veteran On Draft Day?

This isn't a post to speculate on a rumor. I was reading Sproo44's FanPost and it got me wondering if the Green Bay Packers aren't done acquiring veteran players. There are always a couple draft day trades for an established veteran, such as this one last season where the Eagles acquired CB Ellis Hobbs for two 5th round picks. It might be a small move, but they might be able to find a player they could use at the expense of a couple longshot draft picks. Using Hobbs as an example, he wasn't a great cornerback but he was a good returner, which is something the Packers could use. With all the unhappy restricted free agents who have been forced to re-sign with their previous team, some of those players might become available for a mid to late round pick.

Do you like the idea of the Packers trading picks for a veterans, or should they continue to draft young talent and keep the picks they've got?