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Lions Deal LB Ernie Sims To Eagles for TE Tony Scheffler

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The Lions part way with another of Matt Millen's 1st round picks. Here's more on the entire trade. The Lions gave up former top ten pick LB Ernie Sims and received Broncos TE Tony Scheffler plus a 7th round pick in return. 

Over at Pride of Detroit Sean likes what Scheffler can bring to the offense (the comments aren't as kind) but linebacker depth now becomes a major need. Mocking Dan doesn't like how the Lions gave up a starting LB for a backup TE either. And it's not as if Scheffler has been a great team player either since he was benched in week 17 last season "because of his attitude." It doesn't look like this trade made the Lions any better.

Sims is a good value pick up for the Eagles, but I've never liked him. He's undersized and wasn't enough of a playmaker to justify a top ten pick. Pro Football Focus is no fan of his either. As much as I want the Packers to find another outside linebacker, Sims never showed any ability to rush the passer, so they didn't miss out on anything here.