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Schefter: Packers To Move Up In The Draft?

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Will the Green Bay Packers move up in the 1st round? From Adam Schefter:

Packers, Eagles have expressed interest in trading up to 10-12 range.

stedtfeld got this conversation going with a Fan Post. I spent most of last night trying to figure out who they might move up and draft. I'd been surprised this offseason by how few mock drafts expected the Packers to target a pass rushing outside linebacker. It seemed like I've been one of the few to do so, but in the past day the Press-Gazette and the Journal-Sentinel have both had stories about outside linebackers. Maybe the winds are changing. Or maybe not because I don't see any reason why they'd have to move up to No. 10 or No. 12 overall for a pass rushing LB. There should be many good players available if they just stand pat. But here's who they might consider at No. 10 overall:

 - South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul. While they don't have to move up for a pass rushing outside LB, if they think he's their man then they'll have to move up to draft him. He's usually projected to go before the Packers spot at No. 23. I hope he's not there man. He only played one season at South Florida, so I don't trust that his 2009 production was real. 

- Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan. If he's the man then they'll have to move up for him. He's been a great player over the past two seasons, and was named 2009 ACC player of the year. Trading up for him would be a good move.

 - Boise State CB Kyle Wilson, Florida CB Joe Haden. Wilson has been moving up the boards, maybe into the top ten, while Haden's stock been up-and-down since a poor combine. If the Packers want either then they may have to move up to No. 10 make sure. I'd like either at No. 23, but I'm not sure about moving up for them.

 - Texas SS Earl Thomas. He's often projected for the Jaguars at No. 10, and the rumor is the Jaguars want to move down. So this one might make some sense. He's not a huge guy, but he's a good tackler and good in coverage. While he'd help provide depth and possibly become the extra CB in the nickel or dime package, his arrival would signal the eventually departure of SS Atari Bigby. Eventually he'd also tie up a lot of salary cap room at safety along with FS Nick Collins's new, big contract. I'm not sure I'd like this move.

 - Not an offensive lineman. The top 3 offensive tackles (Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, and Trent Williams) are widely expected to go in the top 6 to 8. Trading up to No. 10 wouldn't bring any of those players home. It's possible that after those three are selected, no other offensive lineman is drafted until the Packers spot at No. 23.

 - Anyone else I haven't discussed. If I haven't discussed someone else it's because I expect they'll be drafted before No. 10 overall or it's possible they'd still be available at No. 23. 

Overall, it appears that moving up in the draft would mean they are moving up for a defensive player. It could go either way whether that means a defensive back or an outside linebacker. I don't know whether trading up is a good move, it's hard to say without knowing what they'd have to give up in return. But I'm certainly open to the idea.