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On The Packers 2010 Schedule, Another Mock Draft, and Carriker to the Redskins

 - The Green Bay Packers 2010 NFL regular-season schedule was released today. It seems way to early to break it down. I'm only interested in how it effects which game I might go to this year, but I'm glad to see they've got four games in prime time just because I prefer to watch the games then. 

 - Doug Farrar over at Shutdown Corner projects the Packers will take Rutgers OT Anthony Davis and uses the phrase "but if his talent is harnessed." It sounds like he's got a million-dollar arm and a five-cent head. If he insisted on drafting an offensive lineman then why not Idaho's G Mike Iupati or USC OT Charles Brown instead?

 - 2007 was a bad draft year for defensive lineman. The Packers took DE Justin Harrell, but he has played well on the very rare occasions when he hasn't been out with an injury. But Rams DE Adam Carriker was taken before Harrell and has been even worse (and just as injured). The Rams dumped him on the Redskins in exchange for a swap of 5th and 7th round picks. How depressing is it to trade the No. 13 overall pick and only move up in a late round three years later?