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NFL Draft 2010: An Iowa Hawkeye Fan's Perspective on Bryan Bulaga

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It's unlikely that every fan of the Green Bay Packers has watched their newest NFL draft pick OT Bryan Bulaga play in college (I know I haven't), but Adam Jacobi from Black Heart Gold Pants has watched a lot of Iowa Hawkeyes football in recent years and gives us this assessment. Some key quotes, but the entire article is worth reading:

What he enjoys doing the most is playing football, and on that note he enjoys run blocking the most. Bulaga's greatest strength is getting to the second level on run plays and erasing unsuspecting linebackers or sealing a corner for his ball-carrying friend. He doesn't consider a block "finished" until the defender is dead...

He will not turn a bad line around by himself. He will make a decent line better, and he will make a good line quite strong.