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2010 NFL Draft: What Will The Packers Do In The 2nd Round?

My original preference was that the Green Bay Packers pull off a trade and move up in the 2nd round. They have the 24th pick of the 2nd round (somehow they slipped one spot in the 2nd round compared to the 1st). But with players like Texas LB Sergio Kindle slipping into the 2nd round, and LT Bryan Bulaga slipping to No. 23 overall in the 1st round, maybe they should just sit tight and see who becomes available. The 2nd round starts at 5pm CST. The 3rd round is on tomorrow too, but I'm keeping the speculation to the 2nd round at this point.

The SB Nation story stream is a good place to catch up on all the 1st round picks. Including the rare intra-NFC North trade. I'm not a big fan of RB Jahvid Best, who the Lions drafted at No. 30 overall by sending the Vikings their 2nd round pick (No. 34 overall) plus a swap of 4th round picks which moves the Vikings up 28 spots in that round. It saves the Vikings some money by paying for the player they would have drafted anyway in the 2nd round, and moving up in the 4th round certainly can't hurt. Not a major move for either team.