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Open Thread: 2010 NFL Draft, Day 3, 4th Round and Beyond

This open thread is up about two hours later than I had planned. It's all my fault, but I blame my apathy on GM Ted Thompson for trading away his 4th round pick to move up in the 3rd and select Georgia Tech S Morgan Burnett (just kidding). Actually, as I mentioned earlier, I liked the move up for the player they wanted instead of two lesser players who might have struggled to make a deep roster. 

I'm surprised they haven't drafted an outside linebacker, but I'm sure they've got their eyes on a couple guys in the later rounds. Plus they already have a lot of linebackers on the roster who have started in the past, though only LB Clay Matthews is a great pass rusher. I expect they'll draft a running back today unless they were serious about signing RB Brian Westbrook. They could use another wide receiver/returner candidate (I wonder if Brian Westbrook would make a good punt returner?). And they could use a 7th round pick on a QB who might be a good candidate for the practice squad come September. I'd love it if they drafted a punter.

Anything I missed? Who's falling that they should grab with pick No. 154? Four picks today (2 in 5th round, then 6th and 7th).