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NFL Draft Aftermath: Packers Sign Undrafted Free Agents

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Many thanks to Greg Bedard at the Journal Sentinel for posting a running undrafted free agents thread for those who signed or accepted a tryout with the Green Bay Packers. The bad thing about the thread is that if you're looking for big names from big name schools, the list has neither. Except for one player from The U who was charged with drug possession in March. Alas, no punter (so far). Unfortunately I can't picture any of these players making the team in September.

Here's who've they signed and invited:

Kickoff and punt return candidates

 - Fresno State WR Chastin West.

 - Miami CB Sam Shields.

 - UTEP WR Jeff Moturi.

 - Bishop University WR Shawn Gore (tryout). 

 - Morgan State WR E.J. Morgan-Green (tryout).

Practice squad QB candidate

 - South Dakota QB Noah Shepard.

College DE converting to OLB in a 3-4 NFL defense

 - Central Michigan DE/OLB Frank Zombo. (Great name!)

 - Wake Forest DE John Russell.

 - Stephen F. Austin OLB Tim Knicky. 

Other future practice squad candidates

 - Stillman College RB Quinn Porter.

 - Temple MLB Alex Joseph. 

 - Eastern Illinois OT Chris Campbell.

 - UConn S Robert Vaughn.

 - Southern Miss RB Tory Harrison. 

 - UTEP OT Mike Aguayo (tryout).