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Former Packers VP Andrew Brandt on Bryan Bulaga

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This is really looking ahead to the start of training camp, but I had the opportunity to ask former Green Bay Packers VP Andrew Brandt a couple questions about 1st round draft choice LT Bryan Bulaga. I'm a little concerned about signing him because of the two rookie signings mentioned in this article: DE B.J. Raji held out for two weeks last season, and the last time the Packers selected an offensive lineman in the 1st round, Iowa's LT Ross Verba held out for three weeks.

APC: Bulaga was drafted in an interesting spot. One ahead of Dez Bryant and two before Tim Tebow. You've written that Tebow will receive a quarterback premium so I'd expect he'll receive a bigger contract than Bulaga. I'm worried Bryant might think he's this year's Michael Crabtree and want above his draft slot because he believes he should have been drafted sooner. Do you think there is more likely to be a problem signing Bulaga because of these particular players around him?
Andrew Brandt: I wouldn't think there would be a problem signing Bulaga.  The agents representing Tebow and Bryant, Jimmy Sexton and Eugene Parker, are reasonable negotiators, as I have done several deals with each.  Bulaga should have a seamless negotiation. 
APC: The Packers just re-signed Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher to multi-year contracts, and then the Packers use a 1st round pick on a 21 year old kid who's likely to take over for either of them in a year or two. It's the first time they've used a high draft pick on a tackle since either veteran has been with the team. How do you think they'll react to the addition of Bulaga?
AB: Chad and Mark will be fine.  They've been around long enough to know it was only a matter of time before a high draft pick was used at tackle.  They'll welcome him in, play some practical jokes on him, and move forward.  Nothing to worry about there.