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On Packer Rookies and Pacman Jones

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 - The Green Bay Packers are holding their rookie minicamp this weekend (April 30-May 2). The main purposes is to throw the playbook at the drafted and signed rookies, and to give the rookies on tryouts a chance to earn a contract. Also, it might be important in determining which unknown rookie punter will take the early lead for the starting job. If you're interested in getting a look at LT Bryan Bulaga, his introductory press conference is online Thursday afternoon.

 - Speaking of rookies, had an article about undrafted free agent CB Sam Shields. Sproo44 wrote a Fanpost about Shields's potential as a special teams player. I'm not expecting much from him. If he was really good, then he would have gotten drafted despite the marijuana possession charge back in March. But he did a good job in selecting the Packers because they will likely have an open competition for a kick or punt returner and they didn't draft a cornerback. He's in a similar spot as 2009 undrafted rookie CB Trevor Ford, who chose the Packers and spent all of last season either on the practice squad or the active roster.  

 - And I hate to bring it up, but there is a rumor involving the Packers and CB Adam Jones. Brian Carriveau provided a link from where the rumor originated: Jones's personal trainer. This seems to fall squarely in the realm of rumor, and it doesn't appear to have any truth to it. I'd be surprised if there is any real interest in him.