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Eagles Trade Brown, Cowboys Release Adams and Hamlin

While the Green Bay Packers have been trying to keep their veterans (assuming their interest in signing Aaron Kampman was legit) for a run at the 2010 playoffs, two other NFC playoffs teams, the Eagles and Cowboys are going in the opposite direction.

The Eagles are making the biggest changes. Their efforts to trade the face of their franchise, QB Donovan McNabb, is grabbing the most headlines. But they just traded CB Sheldon Brown to the Browns for picks in the 4th and 5th round. A couple of backup linebackers were also included in the swap. It's certainly an odd decision to trade away arguably your best cornerback, but money was a factor and the Browns agreed to restructure his contract. It doesn't seem like they got enough for him, but as Jason points out, the Chargers only got a 3rd round pick for Pro Bowl CB Antonio Cromartie. In the long run both moves might help the team, but it's likely to hurt them in 2010 (especially if QB Kevin Kolb isn't as good as the Eagles hope).

Meanwhile the Cowboys have released their starting left tackle and safety. While both LT Flozell Adams and S Ken Hamlin have been to the Pro Bowl in recent years, Adams has been in decline and Hamlin might not be worth his high price tag (though Dave Halprin expects he'll be starting somewhere in the NFL next season). It appears the Cowboys have options currently on the roster, and they'll be using the draft to add depth at both positions.

Do you think these moves really hurt either team, or do both remain possible 2010 playoff opponents?