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Offensive Line: Packers Sign Spitz; Lions Trade For Sims

- Green Bay Packers C/G Jason Spitz reported to the offseason workouts, which began back on March 15, after he signed his one-year restricted free agent tender. Why did he wait until April? Maybe he didn't want to travel to Green Bay in March. It's more likely he was making sure there was nothing available for him in the free agent market. It seemed like a long-shot he'd draw interest anywhere else because the Packers would have received a 2nd round pick if he left. That's too high a price for an interior offensive lineman who only played in 5 games last season. Especially since a 2nd round pick can fetch as much as a 6-time Pro Bowl QB these days. He should be fully recovered from his back injury in 2010. Hopefully he'll push LG Daryn Colledge to the bench.

 - The Lions made a trade with the Seahawks, and sent them a 5th round pick for G Rob Sims. The Seahawks weren't going to keep Sims because he wasn't a perfect fit for Alex Gibbs and the Seahawks new zone blocking scheme. From Field Gulls:

Sims overcame a lot to become the quality guard he is. His strength, size and discipline make him an excellent pass blocker. He moves well enough now to be a good run blocker in the right system. Sims is young, cheap, mostly healthy, a match for most blocking schemes, from power to hybridized zone blocking schemes, but he is not fit for a pure zone blocking scheme, and when you hire the creator, purity is a given.

Meanwhile the Lions are happy because he will set their starting lineup, and he only cost a 5th round pick. The pick isn't a lot for the Seahawks, but at least it's something for a player they weren't going to keep.