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Where Will Free Agent Jason Taylor Sign?

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If the Green Bay Packers had any interest in signing free agent DE/LB Jason Taylor, or visa versa, then we would have read that Taylor intends to visit Green Bay. After getting strung along by the Dolphins for months, he's finally going to talk to some other teams, starting with the Jets. I'm not crazy about adding a 35 year old veteran who would prefer to finish his career in Miami, but Greg Bedard thinks Taylor would be a good fit for the Packers.

Apparently the Dolphins have made a mess of the entire situation. And the Jets might be able to sign him for as low as $1.5 million.

On a totally unrelated note, The Phinsider could stand to change the title of their Dolphins blog from "the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team" because it sure looks like the 1929 Packers have a zero in the loss column.

Back to Taylor: I gave the idea a thumbs down, but I'm not feeling confident in my decision making of late. Do you think the Packers are making a mistake and they should go after Taylor?