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Packers OTAs Begin Next Week, Haynesworth Could Become A Viking, and Aaron Rodgers Can Run

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 - We're still a week away from OTA's which start on May 17, so this should be a quiet week. It's possible one of the unsigned restricted free agents will sign: S Atari Bigby, LG Daryn Colledge, DE Johnny Jolly, or CB Tramon Williams. They might all be looking for long-term deals (not from other teams, but from the Packers). They might even be waiting until the end of June to see exactly how much money the Packers made last year so the Packers can't plead poverty.

Vikings fans are speculating that DT Albert Haynesworth might end up in Minnesota. I don't understand all these Haynesworth rumors. Why would the Redskins pay over $30 million for one season, and then try and trade him away just when his contract is getting reasonable? The only thing that makes sense is that Haynesworth was signed by the previous guys in charge and not by Mike Shanahan, so they aren't loyal to him.

 - I've been digging through stats lately, but I don't have enough to post much of anything yet. I've got to get a better handle on the overall team stats because I'm still smarting that I overlooked how bad TE Donald Lee was in 2009 when discussing why they drafted TE Andrew Quarless. One statistical comparison to consider:

Player FO Rank Pro Football Focus
Rodgers 12 2

The reason why QB Aaron Rodgers is lesser regarded by Football Outsiders is that their stats are passing only, while Pro Football Focus has pass, run, and penalty worked into the equation. Rodgers is only No. 6 at passing according to Pro Football Focus, and he's the 2nd best rushing QB. He ran for 316 yards last season and had a number of 10 yard runs for 1st downs. Just a reminder that running plays are an important part of his game.