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Brian Cushing Is The 2009 Defensive Rookie Of The Year

While I understand why the AP believed it was necessary to re-vote for 2009 Defensive Player of the Year after it became known that Texans LB Brian Cushing violated the NFL's steroid policy during the 2009 season, I didn't like it. So while I'm not thrilled that Cushing has won it again at least the outcome maintains the status quo. Apparently many of the writers agreed and were voting against the re-vote by keeping Cushing at the top of their ballot. LB Clay Matthews is happy to see that his college teammate has won it again too. 

Here's what I wrote about the re-vote this morning. From The League at

But I don't want the AP to look back at awards. I want them to stay with the votes they made right at the end of the season when it was fresh in their minds...

But how far back are they willing to go back in time for a re-vote? I can't recall one before. While change is constant in life there's often a good reason why some things always remain the same.