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Aaron Rodgers Was Hurt Last Season

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How many injuries did Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers play through in 2009 and how many weren't fully disclosed? That's the gist of this article from Pro Football Talk. Mike Florio has often pointed out when NFL teams aren't providing full disclosure about their weekly injury reports, such as this unreported finger injury suffered by QB Tom Brady last season. I'm sure NFL teams aren't giving full disclosure on their injury reports, but this shouldn't include Rodgers.

I wasn't surprise when he talked about his "substantial foot injuries" from last season. It started appearing on the injury reports in early November and he missed practice because of it. The reports tapered off as the season went on, but injuries do heal eventually. He discussed a left shoulder injury, but he wasn't specific about how serious it was or when exactly it happened. It was known all season that he was banged up, and he was obviously hurting after he spent the first few weeks running for his life behind their makeshift offensive line. I'm sure he didn't fully disclose everything that was less than 100% each week, but I knew about the injuries to both of his feet and that was the most significant injury he had last season.