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Packers OTA: Who's Starting?

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 - It's no surprise but TE Jermichael Finley remains ahead of former starting TE Donald Lee. I wrote earlier this month about how bad Lee was last season, and probably every Packer fan knows how good Finley was despite his immaturity.

 - From DE Justin Harrell isn't hurt, yet. I've got no hard feelings towards him but I've also got no faith he can stay on the field. I hope he proves me wrong. I'm not ready to speculate what role he could play next season.

 - LB Brady Poppinga started at left OLB (in place of LB Aaron Kampman) but defensive coordinator Dom Capers said LB Brad Jones is the starter. I'm not surprised to see Poppinga with the first team because he started ahead of LB Clay Matthews last season from May until week 4 at Minnesota. Poppinga is always impressing the coaches but it never translates onto the field. 

 - So apparently CB Will Blackmon is switching to safety? I didn't have any big dreams he'd become a great cornerback, but I did hope he'd at least be good enough to push CB Jarrett Bush down the depth chart. Apparently not. There are a growing number of players in the secondary (Blackmon, Bush, S Derrick Martin, S Charlie Peprah, CB Sam Shields) who are all better off playing primarily on special teams. This means CB Brandon Underwood and/or CB Josh Bell are going to have to step it up because they were both part of the problem last season. It also means there are a lot of safeties on the roster with 3rd round pick S Morgan Burnett plus another recently converted S Khalil Jones and undrafted rookie S Anthony Levine