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Packers Sign QB Graham Harrell

Last week I posted a baseless speculation that the Green Bay Packers scheduled a workout with former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell because they weren't happy with rookie free agent QB Noah Shepard. Well it turns out they weren't happy with de facto No. 3 QB Chris Pizzotti.

According to Rob Demosky at the Press-Gazette, they've signed Harrell and released Pizzotti. I wrote briefly about Pizzotti last December when the Packers signed him to the practice squad. He sounded like a major project, but he had potential. Harrell has a lot of major college experience as a 3 year starter in the Big 12. Unfortunately he played in a spread offense under a former head coach Mike Leach so he's a project in his own right.

It's not a major move, but I like this signing. He has a lot of experience as a starter in college, he had a very high completion percentage in college (due to the spread offense - also see 49ers QB Alex Smith), he costs them nothing, and he should be eligible for the practice squad in 2010. I hope I get to see him play this preseason.