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Packers OTA Idle Until June; Raji and Pickett Switch Positions

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 - According to Greg Bedard's Twitter, the last two weeks in May are about as exciting as watching the grass grow:

BTW, this is officially a dead time. Packers dont have practice again unti June 1 and there aren't even workouts. 10 days off. Ghost. Town.

 - I blew it and completely forgot to mention in Who's Starting that NT B.J. Raji moved over from his usual DE spot to NT while NT Ryan Pickett moved over to DE. The Packers base defensive scheme last season had either Raji or Pickett at NT and DE Johnny Jolly or Raji at left DE over the offensive right tackle. When LB Aaron Kampman moved up to the line of scrimmage it was like a pseudo 4-3 defense shifted to the strong side. They've asked LB Brad Jones to bulk up by 10 pounds this offseason as he takes over Kampman's role, so the defense should remain off-balance with more size on the strong side. If Pickett's move is permanent then it's not a major departure from last season with a former DT (Jolly) starting at right DE. It also gets the best defensive lineman in the starting lineup. From

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said the move was more about making sure Raji and Pickett get enough work at both spots so they are comfortable if injuries occur like they did last season...

"Right now when you look at our depth, our three best players are 'Pick', B.J. and Cullen, so we want to get the three best on the field."