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Lambeau Field Expansion; Jolly In Trouble; Favre's Surgery

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 - From, the Green Bay Packers are considering an expansion of Lambeau Field again? Is this just something to keep the front office and a team of consultants busy? I wouldn't expect they're thinking of asking for tax dollars for it, but who knows. I'm not exactly sure what they think they need. 

 - Maybe DE Johnny Jolly shouldn't host a club party when he's scheduled to be in court. It's actually not that bad. He was in the hospital (appendicitis) on the day of the hearing and that's not an invasive surgery. He probably felt just fine a couple days later. But stuff like this is probably reason No. 1 why the Packers haven't given him a long-term contract this offseason.

 - I don't spend a lot of time talking about the QB for the Minnesota Vikings, because Brett Favre is no longer on the Packers, but I was watching to see whether he would have ankle surgery. And he finally went ahead and did it. I've been expecting him to return in 2010, but he did need to have the surgery. He might have actually retired (for real) if he didn't have it. I'm sure he's still got some last minute waffling to plod through, but after he talks himself out of it he should be back on the practice field sometime in August. Obviously the NFC North in 2010 would have looked a lot different if he hadn't returned.