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American Needle Is Good News For 2011; A Cold Weather Super Bowl?

 - The NFL was shutout in an unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the American Needle case. So what? From Doug Farrar quoting ESPN's John Clayton:

"Because, if the NFL wins it, they can really go for the jugular. They can control salaries, and control the system more," Clayton said. "If they lose the case, there may be more of a effort to try and get a [new CBA] deal done."

Andrew Brandt hopes this will "jump start" labor negotiations. The NFL had been making crazy offers like asking the players to take an 18% pay cut (as if the players' union would ever agree to that). Hopefully the crazy goes away and the two sides can get back to negotiating a reasonable deal that won't force a lockout of the 2011 season.

 - A cold weather Super Bowl in New Jersey? Since we've never had one it doesn't seem right to me though I've got nothing against cold weather playoff games. It would take away the neutral field, and luck becomes an even larger factor, which would disadvantage the favored team and make the two teams more equal. Of course the Packers are in favor of it