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2014 Super Bowl Outdoors in New Jersey; Can Peppers Turn The Bears Defense Around?

 - It became official: the 2014 Super Bowl will be played outside in New Jersey. Now the flood gates have been opened and the RaidersRavensRedskinsEagles, and probably a few other outdoor teams want a Super Bowl. The decision to play in New York was always about money (when doesn't the NFL think with its wallet?) but otherwise this is a matter of preference. Do you want to watch a Super Bowl that could become dominated by cold or bad weather? 

 - Great analysis by Kevin Seifert of the Bears defensive struggles in 2009. They were forced to blitz over 42% of the time (5th highest) but were only ranked 13th with 35 sacks. Apparently many of their blitzes didn't get to the quarterback. Which then led to more short yardage receptions because the Bears were the 2nd worst defense against passes thrown under 10 yards. The solution is to stop blitzing so much and drop more defenders into pass coverage which they hopefully can do now that they are overpaying for DE Julius Peppers. Can having Peppers on one side and DE Mark Anderson on the other transform the Bears defense?