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News: Random Non-Packer NFL Reports

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The Green Bay Packers exciting news about changes on the board of directors just doesn't interest me, but there are some things going on around the NFL. 

 - The Raiders are so dumb. They want $9.55 million back from QB JaMarcus Russell. The guy wasn't worth a nickel, but they, released, him. You were stupid enough to draft him, and you're not getting your money back.

 - The L.A. stadium project moves forward (complete with a mini-scandal involving the Mayor) which makes the likelihood the Vikings can squeeze a stadium deal out of the Minnesota legislature more likely.

 - There is one last major unrestricted free agent on the horizon: the Rams FS O.J. Atogwe. They placed the franchise tag on him in 2009, but only tendered him a one-year contract this offseason which allows him to become unrestricted on June 1. If FS Antrel Rolle can grab a record deal from the Giants then some team is probably willing to sign Atogwe. Over at Turf Show Times they explain why he's worth the money.

 - The Lions might sign free agent LB Keith Bulluck. He would make a lot of sense for them, but his health remains a concern.

Entering the Bears portions of the links...

 - You remember how Mike Martz is crazy, right? Here he suggests that WR Devin Hester could play some at tight end next season.

 - The Bears front office must have been channeling their inner Mike Martz when they asked QB Trent Green to come out of retirement. It would only have been an awful signing because he'll turn 40 in July, he hasn't played since 2008, and he retired because of multiple concussions. 

 - And this wallpaper sucks.