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Packers Sign Three After Weekend Tryouts

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The Green Bay Packers announced the signing of three undrafted free agents who participated in the rookie orientation this past weekend. There were 28 players invited to attend on a tryout basis and that doesn't include the 11 undrafted free agents signed immediately after the draft. 

 - WR Shawn Gore. At 6'0" 200 lbs. he's not a big receiver and he's kept a low profile by playing college football at Bishop's University in Canada. He was just chosen No. 10 overall in the CFL draft by the B.C. Lions. I don't expect he'll make the team, but he does have a chance. They may keep a 5th WR on the 53 man roster, and they'll certainly keep at least one more WR on the practice squad. The front runner for the job would be WR Brett Swain who's coming back from a season ending knee injury. The rest of his competition is among other similar players who have been signed over the past couple years as undrafted free agents themselves. All of them have a good opportunity because the Packers haven't drafted a WR since 2008.

 - DT Aleric Mullins. According to, he's athletic and could improve but he wasn't a full-time starter in college. Bob McGinn wrote a good article about him at last weekend in which Mullins admitted that he was an underachiever. A heart murmur was detected before the NFL combine, but he wasn't expected to be anything other than a late round draft choice before the medical concern arose. He'll be a candidate for the practice squad as depth behind NT Ryan Pickett and NT B.J. Raji. Though he'll be battling for a spot against NT Anthony Toribio who looked good last preseason

 - S Anthony Levine. He was on their radar back in March and he showed off his speed during Tennessee State's pro day. He's a little small for a safety at 5'11" and 195 lbs. which makes him similar to (and competition for) S Derrick Martin who had played cornerback when he was with the Ravens. He's probably a free safety candidate based on his size and the fact that he had 129 tackles in college, compared to a bigger safety like SS Atari Bigby who had 254 career tackles in college