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On Packers Draft Choice Mike Neal and Other News Around The NFL

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 - Wes Bunting over at the National Football Post wrote a pessimistic article about the Green Bay Packers 2nd round pick, DE Mike Neal. The overall point was to point out guys who jumped higher in the draft because of their NFL combine results. But first he said "Neal is another guy I liked during the season" but he just didn't like him at the Senior Bowl. This isn't a red flag, but it's understandable to read some doubts about a player who was expected to go in the 2nd round and I've still got them too.

 - Former Packer LB Nick Rogers was killed in a car accident on Tuesday. If you blinked during the 2004 season, then you might have missed his appearance on the roster. It was a strange situation because he started 16 games in 2002 as a rookie for the Vikings, started 16 games again for them in 2003, and then they released him before the start of the 2004 season. Best wishes to his family and friends.

 - Former Packer FS Darren Sharper re-signed with the Saints for one-year and $1.5 million. That's a steal of a contract for a player who helped turn around a terrible secondary. However he's coming off the dreaded microfracture surgery, and I'm not really optimistic he'll be the same player next season.

 - Despite earlier rumors that the Packers were interested in signing major bust CB Adam Jones (I guess we don't call him Pacman anymore) the Bengals have "won" the sweepstakes for his services in 2010. 

 - I'm not a fan of signing middle LBs to big contracts, see my previous rant about the new contract for LB Brandon Chillar, so the 5 year and $50 million contract with $29 million guaranteed for 49ers LB Patrick Willis got my attention. However his contract is worth it. Willis is arguably the best in the NFL at his position and has already been named to the first-team All-Pro team twice in his three year career. 

 - Tough times in Nashville. Horrible flooding over the past few days had brought water into their stadium and it nearly reached the first row of seats. Hopefully they get some good news down there this week.