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Packers Notes: Thomas Still Available, Quarless Overhyped, Brohm in Buffalo, and the Vikings Stadium Setback

 - I wrote about the release of LB Adalius Thomas over a week ago. He's still looking for a new job and Mike McCarthy hasn't ruled out the possibility. Thomas was one of the biggest free agents available three years ago, but that was three years ago. He can rush the passer (a little) but he's also been known as a versatile player. I'm not exactly sure what he can do at this point that LB Brandon Chillar or LB Brad Jones (I'm presuming they would be his main competition for playing time) can't do. I'm assuming he's still available because he's really not good anymore, or his agent is asking for way too much money.

 - I'm not exactly aware of any hype surrounding a 5th round pick, but Wes Bunting wrote that TE Andrew Quarless won't live up to it. 

 - Back when QB Brian Brohm signed with the Bills in November, I expected he would be given an opportunity to compete for the starting job in Buffalo, and according to Chris Mortenson, it appears that's going to be the case. Though the QB JaMarcus Russell to the Bills rumors have already started to fly, and been taken apart by Buffalo Rumblings, I'd love to see Brohm get a chance. I can understand why the Raiders gave up on Russell, but why sign former Vikings RB Michael Bennett to take his roster spot? Couldn't the Raiders have found anyone more promising than Michael Bennett?

 - Speaking of the Vikings, they put together a deal for a new stadium and the state legislature said no. The Vikings have been asking for a new stadium for a while yet somehow the stadium deal was put together "too hastily" and they didn't think to get the Governor on board with the idea. It seems like the Vikings blew it or weren't really trying. They might be waiting for the state budget woes to improve and for a new Governor. Does that mean they could move to LA if the city ever figures out a way to build a stadium themselves?