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Around The NFL: Cushing Suspended, Gaither On The Trading Block

 - When Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews was named as the 3rd best rookie in 2010, I didn't think he was better than Bills S Jairus Byrd but did admit that Texans LB Brian Cushing had a fantastic rookie season. So I was surprised when it was announced that Cushing was suspended 4 games for violating the NFL's steroid policy. Apparently if I had been paying attention to Cushing over the past couple of seasons, I would have realized that rumors about him and steroids had been circulating even prior to the 2009 draft. 

 - We had discussed whether the Packers should trade for Ravens LT Jared Gaither for a while, but they obviously went in another direction by re-signing LT Chad Clifton and drafting LT Bryan Bulaga. I expected Gaither would remain in Baltimore since he hadn't been traded prior to the April draft, but apparently the Ravens are still looking to move him, and the Bills have turned out to be the front runner. I'm not sure what they're asking for him, but it's likely less than before because so many teams (such as the Packers) have addressed their needs on the offensive line. If the Ravens are so determined to trade their young left tackle, then I guess I'm glad the Packers went another direction instead of finding out what the Ravens don't like about him.