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Bigby, Jolly, and Williams Remain Unsigned

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On June 15th the Green Bay Packers can reduce the 2010 contract tendered to their unsigned restricted free agents: SS Atari Bigby, DE Johnny Jolly, and CB Tramon Williams. Greg Bedard has the exact numbers here. At this point, it hasn't cost them anything to wait. It could cost all three of them some money if they don't sign tonight. And the Packers don't have to reduce the contract offer, they might want to play nice with them, though it's been reported by Pro Football Talk that Bigby has received word that his offer will be reduced. Right now, it's hard to say whether the players (and their agents) or the team have made any mistakes. There will be more news on this over the next couple days. It could lead to some problems like they are having in San Diego and New England.