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Start: Who Should Back Up Aaron Rodgers?

While it's worthwhile to debate who the Green Bay Packers should start on the offensive line, it isn't worth the digital space it takes up in Google's search engine to discuss whether someone should start ahead of QB Aaron Rodgers. But who should back him up?

QB Matt Flynn. Maybe the Packers have gotten lucky that Rodgers has taken a pounding over 33 straight starts and they haven't had to see exactly how good Flynn really is. He's only thrown 17 regular season passes in two seasons, so that's no judge of him. From what I've seen in preseason games, he could become Aaron Rodgers-lite. This is a big training camp and preseason for him to take the jump from potential QB to quality backup. Mike McCarthy said Flynn is having an "outstanding offseason."

QB Graham Harrell. McCarthy also said he was impressed by Harrell's velocity and thinks he has a chance to make it in the NFL. He might be a candidate for the practice squad, but it seems a stretch to think he'd be better than Flynn at this point. I still like this signing, but not as the top backup.

I'm sorry QB Noah Shepard, but I'm ignoring the fact that you're on the roster. Hey, feel free to prove me wrong but I can't remember the last undrafted free agent QB that stuck with the Packers, and I'd pick Harrell before you for the practice squad.

I hate to bring up the dregs of the free agent market, but a couple of name QBs remain unsigned. The Packers have entertained thoughts of signing a veteran QB in each of the past two years.

This list from ESPN isn't updated, but it gives you an idea of who is and was available.

QB Marc Bulger. They aren't sad to see him go over at Turf Show Times, where Bulger was seen as the problem with the offense in St. Louis. The numbers seem to back this up, but he also has classic backup QB stats with a completion percentage around 58% and a TD to INT ratio of about one-to-one over the past three seasons.

QB Daunte Culpepper. I linked to it earlier, but the Packers actually offered him a contract two years ago. But he doesn't want to sit on the bench and he might actually prefer to start in the UFL rather than hold a clipboard in the NFL. He's a shell of his former self, but he is still better than some QBs signed to NFL contracts.

QB Sage Rosenfels. While not a free agent, the Vikings are showing him no love and letting anyone off the street take reps during OTAs before him. I expect he'll be cut as soon as QB Brett Favre shows up in camp. He didn't throw a pass in 2009, but his 2007-2008 stats are better than Bulger's.

QB JaMarcus Russell. I would question GM Ted Thompson's sanity if he signed him.