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On Great Sports Blogs, 18 Game Schedules, and Problems In Detroit and Minnesota

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 - Congratulations to for winning the best sports blog for their coverage of the Green Bay Packers. They're a fantastic resource for me, so I'm very grateful for them. Actually there are a lot of excellent beat writers that cover the Packers from many media outlets. 

 - I don't know what to think about the talk of an enhanced 18 game regular season. I'll believe it when I see it. I'd love to hear the players discuss it, but I haven't heard much from them other than this statement through the players association by Brady and Lewis. I guess the rest of them have been asked not to talk about it while the union is negotiating.

 - The Lions are losing out on two days of OTAs because they violated the CBA. It was because of "issues regarding the intensity and tempo of drills." With all the turnover they've had on their roster over the last couple years, I'd think missing out on a couple days might set them back a little at the start of training camp. 

 - Via Pro Football Talk came news that due to a "special situational" with Vikings LB Chad Greenway, he did not participate in last weekend's mandatory minicamp. But Greenway says it's not controversial. I'm not sure what that's all about, but according to Pro Football Focus he was ranked No. 11 overall at OLB in a 4-3 defense. I was surprised by his high ranking, I didn't think too much of him, but looking closer it appeared that his worst games in 2009 were against the Packers.